COMBIDISC midget fibre discs CD/CDR

COMBIDISC mini fibre disc CDF dia. 50 mm VICTOGRAIN-COOL36 for steel and stainless steel

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Clamping system
Dia. external
Grit size
Technical information
COMBIDISC mini fibre disc CDF dia. 50 mm VICTOGRAIN-COOL36 for steel and stainless steel

Clamping system
CD system
Dia. external
50 mm
Grit size
RPM, optimum, from
3800 RPM
RPM, optimum, to
13000 RPM
Packaging unit
100 pieces

Exceptionally well-suited to surface and edge grinding. The fibre backing strengthens the abrasive disc and improves stock removal.

The VICTOGRAIN abrasive triangles are fixed to the substrate on one of their sides. This means they are securely fixed in place and, together with their slim design, offer an extremely large chip space in order to further improve machining efficiency. The structure of the triangular VICTOGRAIN has also been specially adapted to maximize results. The very small crystals inside the triangles ensure optimal wear characteristics as sharp cutting edges are always exposed, but only the minimum amount of abrasive grain/the triangle breaks off. By combining all these properties together, users benefit from the ultimate, constant performance during cool grinding and an extremely long tool life together with consistent workpiece surface roughness.

The CD clamping system has a threaded connection with female thread (metal/plastic) on the tool side. Also suitable for the following commonly used systems: PSG, Power Lock Type II "turn on", SocAtt, Turn-On.

  • High economic efficiency as tool can be changed quickly.
  • Very comfortable due to ease of use and low-vibration working.
  • No disruptions in use due to adhesion, slipping or coming loose.
  • Efficient machining process with fast work progress, long tool life, less heat build-up in the workpiece, and a lower power output required for the tool drive thanks to VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain.
Recommendations for use
  • Use COMBIDISC midget fibre discs with an abrasive disc holder on flexible shaft drives with an angle handpiece, or small compressed-air or electric angle grinders.
  • Use grinding oil that is suitable for the material in order to significantly increase the tool life and the abrasive performance of the tools.
Ordering notes
  • Please order abrasive disc holder separately.
Safety notes
  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 50 m/s.
  • For safety reasons, the maximum permitted rotational speed indicated must never be exceeded.
Materials that can be worked
Cast steel
Hardened, heat-treated steels over 1.200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Hard non-ferrous metal
Nickel-based alloys (e.g. Inconell and Hastelloy)
Stainless steel (INOX)
Steel, cast steel
Steels up to 1,200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Surface work
Working on edges
Work on weld seams
Drive types
Angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder
Drive spindle
Flexible shaft drive
Straight grinder


recommends COMBIDISC tools to reduce tool changing and setting-up time.


recommends COMBIDISC as an innovative tool solution to sustainably reduce the vibration, noise and dust produced during use and to improve comfort when working.


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