Robot spindles for stationary application PGAS 4/24 RS

Robot spindle PGAS 4/24 RS 2,400 RPM/380 watts

Item number:
Technical information
Robot spindle PGAS 4/24 RS 2,400 RPM/380 watts

Air consumption, at idle
0.71 m³/min
Air consumption, under load
0.51 m³/min
Air supply hose internal dia.
8 mm
Air supply hose outer dia.
10 mm
Collet group
Exhaust direction
Exhaust hose internal dia.
12 mm
42 mm
Incl. dia collet [mm]
6 mm
168 mm
Net weight
1.14 kg
Number of oil drops [min]
4 drops
Operating pressure
6.3 bar
Power output
380 watts
Rotational direction
Rotational speed
2400 RPM
42 mm
Packaging unit
1 piece

PFERD robot spindles are manufactured according to the most stringent quality criteria and the latest technological standards, and are ideal for stationary applications in robot cells and machine tools and for installation in transfer lines. Whether you have a general or a specialized application, the comprehensive PFERD range offers the ideal combination of innovative tools and powerful, durable robot spindles – all from a single source.

The exhaust air flow of the air grinder is at the back.

The robot spindle is characterized by its very high concentricity in continuous use. It has a stainless steel collet mounting and a planetary gear.

  • No dust turbulence on the workpiece side.
  • Double spindle bearing for a longer tool life.
  • High torque due to planetary gear.
Safety notes
  • The drive must be operated with the specified number of oil droplets in order to prevent premature malfunctioning.
  • Quick coupling, speed throttle, 6 mm collet, 1 key each EM size 17 mm and DM size 20/22 mm.

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